After the documentary “Golden Dawn a personal affair”, which was about trying to understand how the Greek neo nazi party functioned, which still holds a place in Greece’s political landscape, now we go on with “Golden Dawn a public affair” which tries to investigate all the possible forms of resistance to this ideology that spreads all over Europe.
In this regard the results of the latest European elections are dramatic for the entire old continent.
Those of the legislative elections are troubling, although Golden Dawn just missed their entry into the Parliament a new far right wing party did make it, and two ministers of the conservative government are nostalgic for the dictatorship of the Greek Colonels and notorious anti-Semites, homophobic and anti-migrants. A part of the Golden Dawn agenda passed into the country’s political life without complex.
Such as in Germany, 70 years after Auschwitz, such as in Italy, France, Spain the entire Europe, actually. One and only question therefore remains; how to resist. It is the core issue of this second film.
The shooting for this second documentary already started more than one year ago and will last several more months. It will be completed after the trial will come to its end and the court ruling pronounced.
A crowd funding campaign will initiate 20th of April, anniversary date of the beginning of the trial in 2015.
We ask you to lend us a hand to complete this movie that will go beyond Greek borders all over the place this ideology is gaining ground. You may view on our site different video trailers of our work in progress. We will progressively post more of them to keep you updated. Golden Dawn is no longer a personal affair, it is a public affair, please support us. Even the most modest contribution is welcomed, even necessary! Thanks


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