Hello friends,
The new year in Greece will start rather well, despite the ongoing Covid pandemic, because another pandemic, that of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn has ended.

We start the year 2021 without the assaults on the streets, with the leaders of Golden Dawn in prison for quite a few years.

After a trial that lasted five and a half years, Golden Dawn was tried and sentenced as a “Criminal Organization.”

Refugees, trade unionists, anti-fascists and journalists are no longer at risk of being attacked, beaten or stabbed.

We’ve been waiting for this for years, and now it’s finally done. For this, we must salute the tenacity of the committed lawyers who have stood their ground, guided by the pain of a mother, Magda Fyssa, whose anti-fascist rapper son was murdered in 2013 by a Golden Dawn executive.

This victory is also, and above all, the victory of an unprecedented mobilization in Greece against Golden Dawn, hence the title of our sequel also dedicated to this criminal organization “Golden Dawn, a public affair.”

In 120 minutes, we tell you about the years of struggle, and we raise the question of what resistance to oppose the political agenda of Golden Dawn adopted, in part, by several political groups throughout Europe. In other words, what about the far right?

To bring this project to fruition, we need you.
The 10,457 Euros collected by Crowd Funding, together with the support of the Greek office of the Rosa Luxembourg Institute, has allowed us to film for years during the trial, to go to Germany, to the European Parliament, and to do the editing, but to finish, we need pay all the people who agreed to work at a lower cost or even for free, and to begin the post production phase: mixing, color correction, music, archival purchases, translations, registrations to festivals, posters, and press kits.

To those who have already supported us, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, to those who could not or who hesitated to support this project, here is the link to our site where we explain our approach and how to support us financially https://goldendawnapublicaffair.com

We ask everyone to spread this message as widely as possible so that this film, which is the film of all of you, too, comes to light during the Spring. And then, we will once again meet for screenings followed by debates…
We please ask everyone to spread this message as wide and far as possible. This film is for all of us and a future without oppression. With your help, this film will see the light of day this Spring, when we hope we can meet again for screenings and debates.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts…

Angélique, Maxime, Thomas


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